JerBear goes on a diet


I am beginning my road trip in two days. I have downsized twice since I moved into my van (JerBear) on April 1, 2016. Today was and hopefully will be the last time I have to organize and remove things to make more space. For the next couple months, it needs to be livable for two because my best friend Jane will be joining me as we travel the central and west states of America from June 8th to August 1st. This is not just a road trip for me, this is a life change. I decided to become a member of the van life to make living more affordable because my thirst to travel and find a place I belong could not be quenched. I know there has to be somewhere in the United States that feels like home and I am going to find it. Illinois is not that place no matter how much I wish it could be. So I broke up with the love of my life, moved out of my apartment and resigned as a middle school special educator to put my happiness and self first for a change. Let the adventure begin!

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