I once wanted to know why the world refused to hand me my freedom. I pleaded and played diligently to the rules, yet every day I woke up to a sunlit spectrum of familiar mediocracy. I am not the greatest fan of this fanfare of fau freedom. Laced with pebbles feigning shades of satisfaction.

Perspective is everything. I believe we have the right to choose our poisons, the prescribed pippets of delusion I weaned myself off of were lesson enough. What a slippery slope it has shaped up to be, for my woes and me, to gradually watch the colour…

I continue to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me. From my friends in the UWC, Iglu Music team or Oqique, there is always a supply of motivation.

I watched my follow artist Rehema Njambi offer advise to her younger self. Retrospectively feeding hope and motivation to the sapling who grew into the brilliant artist we see today. The years have been generous in what they have offered me in terms of experience, though I may not have taken it all on board, here are my words for the younger me.

  1. There will never be a…

I have been watching the way your frown swells and swallows you whole. I would be truly withered in sight to miss the crumbled way in which you walk, falling out of favor with your footing as though the bells prepare for you. For whom the bell tolls has more we that you care to see.

Count the leagues of courage that your dreams have journeyed over, to shy away from the company would be a rudeness fit for a fool. Yesterday’s pitfalls are a blemish in the light that the given day provides. Walking into the fire of that…

We are the children of the stars, descendants of a moonlit scepter that survived through time, cutting through the thickets of anonymity to forge our legacies. Our throats are impregnated with the reverberation of times best kept secrets, survived by every utterance. We are named after the regal branches of our family trees, the phonics of our most familiar identifiers are the key stones that bridge our legend to your legacy. These strong names have been handed down because they embody the courage, bravery and grace of the souls that are carried in them.

Seeds of majesty sow themselves within…

The Blissul Nomad

I am a Writer, Poet and Spoken Artist. Exploring creative mediums through written and spoken words, telling stories, exploring new areas of self and knowledge.

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