Dog boarding in McKinney — Leave your pup in the caring hands

Exploring a safe and secure environment for dogs is a daunting task for the pet owners. We know that it is quite difficult to carry your beloved dogs with you on your business trips or family vacations and leave them alone at home when you head out of town. You shouldn’t have to worry about your adorable doggie while you are away. Utilize our top-notch dog boarding services in McKinney where canine feel safe, secure and comfortable with our highly trained staffs. Our experienced staffs will ensure that your Fido is surrounded with love, care and attention until you get them back to home.

Benefits of dog boarding

Personal attention

Our trained staffs take care of your Fido. They are highly skilled to handle different breed of dogs. Our staffs play, feed, care, pamper and cuddle the belly of your doggie throughout the day and make them feel special and comfortable.


It may be dangerous to leave the dog alone at home, whether they are outdoors or indoors. By taking your canine at dog boarding in McKinney, you won’t have to worry about them. Our dog boarding centre is under surveillance which closely monitors different actions of your dog.

Proper diet and exercise

Dogs need regular exercise and good nutrition which is significant for their health. Routine exercises like walking, running and playing outdoors help to maintain a pet’s health and reduce the risk of urinary infections, depression, destructive behaviors and other illness. Our dog boarding centre provides adequate outdoor and indoor space to your pup for running, walking and playing with other companions.

Peace of mind

Pet owners get peace of mind while using our great dog boarding McKinney services. They feel relaxed to know that their dog is in caring and loving hands.


The rooms of our dog boarding centre are well-cleaned and sanitized that help to keep your dog healthy. All the rooms are equipped with heating and conditioning to ensure the comfort and spacious with quality bedding so that your pup feels relaxed there.

Providing specialty services for dogs

We provide a comprehensive range of pet services, including:

· 6 potty sessions per day in the large outdoor yards

· Two meals per day

· Nightly turn down service with fresh linens

· Group play

· Leash walk

· Sports-play

Pet owners can rely on our dog boarding centre. Our staff is highly qualified to ensure that your canine receives the best possible dog boarding experience in McKinney. For any consultation on our dog boarding service, contact Personable Pet Care.

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