Once Were Warriors

If someone doesn’t like the word(s), why not use another one? Once they tell you they don’t like it, your choice to continue using it can (and probably should) be construed as disrespectful toward them, not as an expression of your “freedom” . . . I have learned this the hardest way possible in my life and I encourage all the other angry, self-righteous people to purchase a thesaurus.

Yeah, you CAN say whatever you want, but changing how you face the world is more effective than expecting the entire world to accommodate you and your views. And if some view that you’re trying to accommodate gets crazy, dangerous, or demeaning then yeah, fight back and use all your weapons; meanwhile, try to respect the nouns, pronouns . . . hell, even the verbs, that people have established as NOT demeaning or emotionally triggering for them.

My point is this: I trained with some seriously bad-ass MMA warriors in several gyms in Colorado and Arizona. Guess who is the most mellow and starts the fewest fights in bars? Yeah. The trained bad-ass warriors. They have a higher calling for the use of their training, and they have nothing to prove to those not worth proving stuff to. Be a warrior.

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