Trump’s deafening silence on the Olathe, Kansas murder
Ned Resnikoff

I am truly sorry this man’s life was cut short senselessly. Evil and man’s inhumanity to man has been around since Cain and Abel- long before Trump came on the political seen.

It’s well reported by left wing and main stream media- BEFORE Trump ran for President, he was a well known supportor of causes helping Black and Minorities- donating time, money and office space- look up Rainbow Coalition. He even received a Medal of Honor along with Rosa Parks and Mohammad Ali. When Jennifer Hudson’s brother was killed, he put her and her family in Trump Towers without cost. A homeless black woman has been living in Trump Tower Hotel for years- without cost. At Trump rallies, no matter the demographics in the audience, Trump spoke at length of the vital importance of making life for Blacks, minorities and the poor BETTER- more and BETTER JOBS, BETTER schools, BETTER and safer streets. Sounds racist to me (NOT)!

America had a Black President for the last 8 years during which the:

BLACK on BLACK crime and murder rate skyrocketed without a PEEP from BLACK LIVES MATTER (only if a white person or cop kills a black)

Poverty and joblessness increased in the inner city

Abortion kills more blacks than other causes.

And as far as Islamaphobia- a phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear of something. But I will revisit islamaphobia later. That recent term to the World’s lexicon was created by Muslim Brotherhood as a tactic to SILENCE legitimate questioning, concerns and criticism of Islam and it’s beliefs/practices. Let’s get crystal clear about Islam- started about 750 years after Christianity as a “RESIST CHRISTIANITY” movement (NOT RELIGION) to use modern day phrase. Mohammad tried unsuccessfully for about 20 years to convert the Christian Middle East- only about 100–15o people- mostly family. It wasn’t until Mohammad created and used Jihad- slavery/rape/murder to kill or “convert” people did Islam take off- 100,000 by the time of his death. Again, let’s be clear what Islam is and in not. Islam is NOT a religion. Islam is a 7th Century, barbaric geo-political slave/rape/murder totalitarian faux theocracy that attempts to justify evil, heinous acts and oppression of all human rights by saying it’s in the service of their god.

In the 1400+ years of Islam=Sharia Law=Jihad, it has inflicted the following on the World (not an exhaustive list, just off the top of my head):

Slavery- its reported that Muslims hold 27 million slaves TODAY

Sex slaves of both sexes and ALL AGES

Pedophilia- gang rape of young boys, forced “marriage of young, VERY young girls


Clitorises being cut out of young girls expressly to deny future sexual pleasure- female genital mutation or female circumcision.

Poisoning, crucifying, throwing off tall buildings, electrocuting and cutting off nose, ears and tails of dogs

Torture and murder of gays, transgender, Christians, Jews, all world religions, Muslim women that might or suspected to have “misbehaved”, less than perfect adherence to Sharia Law Muslims, or anyone that opposes Islam by: skinning alive, gutting, castration and then stuffing the genitals in the mouth, burned alive, drowned or doused in acid, tossing from tall buildings, stoning, beheading, canning, crucifixion, GASSED, hanging, suicide bombed, suicide car/truck attacks, machete and knife attacks, shooting, raping to death,

“Legal rape” of non- Muslim women

“Legal rape” of Muslim wives by their husband

Criminalization of the rape VICTIM punishable by stoning, acid attack. The only way she can escape death is if 4 Muslim men witnessed the whole rape and will testify the victim struggled as hard as possible to not be raped. Of course, this begs the question- if 4 Muslim men were present during the attack, how could the woman be raped? But i digress.

Women have ONLY the rights and freedoms bestowed on them by the males in their life- their father or husband. Women have NO RIGHT to drive, work, get an education, say NO to sex or marriage, dress as they want or even leave their home unattended.

Overthrow, by an means possible, of all religions, all constitutions and countries to be under Sharia Law by: Invade, I mean “Migrate” to non-Muslim countries under false pretenses of needing protection; out “birth” the resident population; encourage abortion and birth control of resident population; lie, trick and guilt the good people of the resident population into thinking Islam is a religion of peace; use the country’s own laws to shut down legitimate criticism of Islam and it’s barbaric practices; demand the Land’s laws become “Sharia Law compliant”. And once the Muslim population hits 8%, the culture or country is not able to survive and succumbs to Muslim. In 1400+ years, NO culture or country has ever survived once Muslims make up 8% of the population.

So after detailing just a SHORT list of atrocities Islam has inflicted on the World over the last 1400+ years, is it IRRATIONAL, as a Kaffir (non-Muslim) to fear Islam?

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