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Mike Cernovich

Is Trump turning into Hillary? Is the Swamp draining Trump? Trump blinded by loyalist to Ivanka & Jared? Has Trump been compromised by Deep State or Shadow Government? Or were we all just duped? I am scared no matter what the answer.

I supported Trump almost from the beginning of his campaign. I loved how Trump said what everyone was thinking to themselves but no PC, pandering, pussy of a politician would dare voice. I LOVED his MAGA agenda and was convinced that it was the only way to save this country for Islamic Sharia Law and progressive’s globalist agenda. I purchased Trump gear and donated my hard earned money to his campaign. I went to a Trump rally and yelled along with thousands of others- USA USA USA and TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!

I was outraged when I heard Ivanka’s products were being pulled out of protest against Trump. I bought her perfume from Amazon and then boycotted Nordstrom and Amazon. At the time, I was NOT fully aware of Ivanka and Jared’s Neo-Con globalist political views, that they had ties with George Soros, BFF’s with Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin. To be fair though, I NEVER IN MY WILDEST NIGHTMARE EXPECTED THEM TO BE MAKING domestic or foreign policy OR BRING IN PEOPLE to infect the Administration with 180 degree opposite of MAGA agenda.

I continue to boycott any products or business that have come out against Trump or the TERRORIST BAN. (Can’t imagine America has been so infected by progressive propaganda that anyone could be against keep terrorists out of this country).

Wearing my TrumpPence hoodie and T-shirt, stood with my GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE SIGN at a local anti-Trump rally on the day of his inauguration.

I have “FeelingBerned-vote Trump” stickers on my bumper and TRUMP stickers on my backseat windows and get flipped off, sworn at and called vile, untrue names almost everyday. I had a TRUMP/Pence yard sign in my yard until someone vandalized it and flattened my tire. I fixed the damaged sign and put it right back in my yard.

I was sooo sick of the VOCAL MINORITY Vag Hat Left, AntiFa, BLM, George Soros paid goons hating on Trump, his MAGA agenda, Americans and our values. Though I totally couldn’t afford it, I flew from Seattle to Washington DC and stayed at Trump International for 1 night to attend the March4Trump rally and carried this sign!

MAGA AGENDA is in critical condition and on life support- What do Trump and MAGA supporters do now?

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