On Ivanka Trump and truly inspirational STEM
Jedidah Isler, PhD

Ivanka Trump’s BFF’s are Huma Abedin and Chelsea Clinton. How much more ANTI-TRUMP can one get???

Well, let me show you:

Pre-inauguration, she partied with fellow Neo-Cons, globalist, progressives, Counsel for Foreign Relations (CFR), Hillary loving, Obama worshipping liberals who hate her dad and all he represents. She married Jared Kushner, who accepted $250 million bribe, I mean “investment” from globalist, anarchy funding, George Soros for Kushner’s online real estate investing start up. Ivanka’ former personal adviser, former Goldman Sachs, NOW National Security Adviser on the NSC, Dina Powell’s BFF is Valerie Jarrett- who LIVES with the Obama’s. Oh, and Richard Powell, her husband, is President of Teneo Strategy. Teneo has Deep and strong ties with the Clinton Crime Family, I mean Clinton’s and the formation of the Clinton Slush Fund, I mean Chelsea’s Wedding & Lavish Lifestyle Fund, I mean Clinton Foundation. Oh, and Bill Clinton and Huma Abedin worked for Teneo. Gary Cohn, another globalist former Goldman Sachs- now Trump’s Chief Advisor has started leading “private, for leftist MSM only” press briefings. They brought in McMaster’s, who contradicts Trump’s agenda and policy statements at every turn. McMaster’s manipulated intelligence briefing given to Trump to make it look like Assad gassed his own people. Then queue Ivanka crying over 20 dead Syrian babies (odd Ivanka doesn’t cry over the 500,000+ American babies, 1/2 of whom or FEMALE and most are black/other minorities ABORTED each year in the USA) and now we are on the verge of war with Syria and Russia- Just what George Soros has always wanted (and paid for with his $250 million investment?).

This ultimate Trojan Horse, I mean, power couple has infected the Trump Administration with people 180 degrees opposed to Trump’s MAGA agenda.

Your mistrust of Ivanka Trump is misguided and maybe even “staged” to trick Trump Supporters and MAGA LOVERS into believing Ivanka has her dad’s and America’s best interest at heart. Maybe your “worry about Ivanka” post is to distract us from the overwhelming facts that Ivanka and Jared have been, at the very least, disloyal to her Dad, our President. At the very worst, their acts have been seditious.

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