Artificial Social Constructs

“Sing a song a six-pence a pocket full of rye,
.. four and twenty black birds baked in a pie”

I remember when I was in second grade and my cousin sang this in front of the class. The teacher liked it and wanted us all to sing it.

A bunch of girls got together the next day and sang together. It was beautiful. I loved listening to it.


It was a stupid poem, and it didn’t make any sense to me.

Heck, I still have no fucking clue what whose lines mean.

And I have no fucking clue what the teacher saw in that poem, and I have no fucking clue what my cousin saw in the poem and I have no fucking clue what everybody else who spent all that time memorising the poem and singing in front of the class saw in that stupid poem that made zero fucking sense back then.

I didn’t know the word ‘fuck’ existed back then. That would’ve been nice.

But I love that I didn’t bother learning that poem. It wouldn’t have meant shit to me today. The fact that I didn’t resonates with a core aspect of my identity – I don’t believe in perceived value that comes from mass conformity.

The fact that a lot of people value something doesn’t make it inherently valuable. A house doesn’t make a home. An education doesn’t make learning and a sexy babe doesn’t make a woman .

Sure, I’m cocky sometimes. I don’t want to be cocky, but honestly, society doesn’t value honesty. Society doesn’t value morality. What society values is a function of all that is simultaneously good AND bad about society.

Which is why if you’re living your life off of what society finds value in, you will lead a life where your values are horribly misaligned with your daily actions.

It’s true.

Ignore my bad parts crave the good.. … .. .

Ignore my good parts, crave the bad..