The Blitz Team Joins Discord

Name a more iconic duo.

To our Friends:

We’re excited to announce that Discord has acquired the Blitz Esports team to help develop its awesome products, including the new game store and Nitro subscription service. While this means we won’t be working on Blitz anymore, we’re stoked to continue building cool things for gamers under the Discord flag!

From the day we created Blitz, we’ve had the goal of helping gamers deepen their passions. And over the past two years, we’ve made a lot of progress. Millions of esports fans tune in to Blitz content each month, keeping up with their favorite pros and learning how to improve their own gameplay. Our League of Legends companion app, six months into open beta, has already helped players kick ass in over 65 million games, and 45% of our monthly users use us every. single. day.

Along the way, we met the folks at Discord, who shared our love for gaming and whose passion for improving gamers’ lives mirrored our own. A few conversations later, it became evident that, with their ubiquitous chat platform and ambitious plans to level up how people play games, Discord had the vision and resources available for us to make an even bigger impact for the community. Although saying goodbye to Blitz is bittersweet, joining Discord is a leap forward in achieving our shared goal to improve gaming experiences.

As of this week, Blitz will no longer produce new content, but our existing videos will stay on YouTube and everything will be browsable online. Our LoL companion app is transitioning to an exciting new owner (to be revealed in a later post) and will continue to be supported with no interruption in service.

That said, some of our editorial staff will not be transitioning to Discord. The silver lining to our sunset is that other orgs can now get in on some of the best talent in gaming content. Esports people: if you’re looking for the absolute best video editors, motion graphic designers and writer-producers in the industry, check out this doc. From interviews and narrative features to ELI5 explainers and our renowned strategy breakdowns for LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO and Fortnite, our media team excels at creating authentic content that esports fans care about. We don’t foresee folks remaining “free agents” for long, so feel free to reach out to them directly. Everyone affected has received three months severance so they can fully explore their options, and we’ve been working closely with them to help them land the best jobs for their interests.

Finally, a sincere thank you to our investors, our content contributors, and our dedicated viewers and users. Without you, Blitz could never have happened. It’s been wonderful serving you the past two years through Blitz, and we plan to contribute to the community for years to come at Discord.

❤ The Blitz Team

From left to right, back to front: Alex Yue, Jonathan Lin, Joanna Jao, Sharon Coone, Sean Meiliunas, Josh Lee, Jonathan Wu, Kurt Hogarth, Matt Mersel, Shawn Park, Rick Ling, Ricardo Garcia, Mark Reyes, Jessie (gud doggo). Not pictured: Renato Perdigão, Haru Darling