Beta Release + Roadmap Update

Sep 13 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce that the beta version of the BlitzPredict Exchange is live and ready for testing! Our beta platform runs on the Kovan testnet of the Ethereum blockchain and functions as a peer-to-peer betting exchange, similar to a stock market orderbook. You will notice that the platform is stripped down significantly from our alpha release as we chose to focus on the core betting functionality for the most visible events, namely football, soccer, politics, and basketball.

It’s important to note that this is a testnet/play money release. There is no current date for mainnet launch, due to the uncertainty surrounding Augur’s v2 release date (pushed to 2020), multi-collateral DAI’s release date, and the increasingly nationalistic regulatory climate surrounding sports betting. There is not much work remaining on our end to prepare for mainnet launch so we will continue to monitor the space and give an update when we have more information.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding mainnet launch, we’ve been exploring other ways we can contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. During the process of building the exchange, we identified several areas where building on Ethereum and its protocols could be improved. Building on Ethereum can be like building on a black box — a transaction will fail and you have no idea why.

We have recently begun development on a native app that decodes the data going to and from Ethereum nodes, providing human-readable details of every step of your smart contract calls and transactions. We have learned a lot from building out this exchange and are excited to share the knowledge we’ve developed building on Ethereum and its various protocols with the Ethereum developer community.

The $XBP token will continue to be an integral part of the BlitzPredict platform. Once we have subscriptions up and running, users will be able to hold XBP for discounts, stake XBP to earn rewards, and burn XBP for special access rights.

We look forward to forward to being positive contributors to the Ethereum ecosystem for years to come and will continue to update you on our progress over the coming months! Thanks for your support.

Brett Richey


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