BlitzPredict Weekly Update: July 29, 2019

We are back with our latest weekly update! We’ve been hard at work getting our beta ready for release and are excited about the progress we’re making — so make sure to sign up for early access! As part of the preparation for beta release, we’ve been simplifying our onboarding flow, working on smart contracts for market creation, and adding politics markets.

Simplifying the onboarding flow is really important to us. One of the main friction points in crypto is that the technology can be challenging and intimidating for new users. We are focused on streamlining the process and removing friction wherever we can — our ultimate goal is to deliver a product that’s as easy to use as a traditional web app.

We are also excited about introducing political markets to the platform! There are a lot of exciting possibilities for politics, especially with the 2020 Election right around the corner. The 2018 Midterm Elections saw the highest trading volume on Augur to date, so delivering politics markets lines up well with the interests of the Augur community. We will announce more about what markets to expect as we get ready to release our beta, so stay tuned!

Our podcast is cranking along with Corona Picks at the helm — look out for shows on soccer, MLB, and a WSOP recap this week. Make sure to follow the BlitzPod on Podbean, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

That’s it for this week! Make sure to sign up for early beta access at and join our Discord and follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, and Blockfolio — thanks for the support!

Brett Richey





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