BlitzPredict Weekly Update: June 3, 2019

Jun 3 · 2 min read

We are back with our latest weekly update! This past week, we implemented reporting on finished events, updated the sell order flow and UI, and updated the matching UI to allow for easily selling your entire holdings in a market on our testnet exchange. Going forward, we will be shipping sell functionality (trade purchased shares) and we will be implementing a portal to redeem winnings from finalized markets as well.

The first finalized testnet markets will be available to claim winnings from starting on June 16th. We will also be releasing an update to the platform featuring additional trading functionality on our testnet exchange later this week, so make sure to check it out!

Congratulations to LaJeesh_Picks for winning May’s leaderboard! Barbadosso, Big Paoi, and LaJeesh_Picks are off to good starts in June as well. Please reach out to if you would like to join our leaderboard. It’s another busy week for the BlitzPod, with shows on the NHL and NBA Finals, soccer, and this week’s UFC event. Make sure to follow the BlitzPod on Podbean, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

That’s it for this week! Please join our Discord and follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, and Blockfolio for updates on the project. Thanks for the support!

Brett Richey