Introducing Insight

Oct 29, 2019 · 2 min read

We are proud to announce the beta release of Insight, a local, real-time debugging tool for Ethereum developers! We’ve been busy over the past couple of months preparing this tool for launch and are excited to share it with the community. Insight is a developer tool aimed at providing a local debugging environment to help Ethereum developers decode blockchain transactions in real-time.

Insight is the first in our suite of planned tools, with the goal of making blockchain development cheaper and more efficient, while improving the developer experience and advancing the pace of development throughout the entire ecosystem. You can read more about our plans over on our BlitzTools blog.

As for our planned betting exchange, we ultimately realized that building a 3rd-party UI on top of Augur was the wrong path to be on for a US company with US developers at this point in the adoption curve, so we have shifted our focus to serving the broader Ethereum Ecosystem. We are still focused on the adoption of the $XBP token and the token will be an integral part of the BlitzTools ecosystem — you will be able to hold for discounts, stake to earn rewards, and burn for special access rights.

We are still super excited about everything going on over at Augur — they are building a slick decentralized UI that should be accessible from anywhere, and Augur v2 is on track for an early 2020 release — we encourage you to follow their progress! The tools we are building should give a lot more power and function to v2 Augur traders, so we still aim to be involved in the Augur ecosystem at a high level.

We look forward to being positive contributors to Augur and the broader Ethereum ecosystem overall as we continue building in this new direction! Make sure to check BlitzTools out on Medium, Discord, and Twitter — thanks for your support!

Brett Richey

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