3 Mint.com URL Hacks for Transactions

Ever wanted to have a lot more control over what transactions are being displayed in your mint.com account? Well, read on. It’s not straight forward, but you too can show transactions filtered by both date AND category. Or even everything but that one category! (do a -category instead of category)

It has to be easier than this, doesn’t it? Mint, if you’re listening, please release an advanced filter UI. Hacking the URL is less than desirable.

Search by Date

Use a plugin: There’s a wonderful little plugin called (aptly enough) Mint Date Range. It presents you with a clickable calendar. It even saves your last date range, so if your session times out, you can easily get back to where you were.

Use the URL: If you navigate to the transactions page you should see a URL like


If you add the following on to the end, you can quickly change the date range. This example would be for doing your taxes for the 2016 year.


With it put together:



A successful date range applied

Remove categories

If you add the query variable and give it the key:value pair of -category and whatever URL encoded value you want.

Example for “Food & Dining”:


URL Encoding/Decoding

Mint seems to accept both encoded url’s as well as unencoded. If you see a lot of ‘%’s in your URL, it’s encoded.

You can decode it by going here: https://urldecode.org

Use urldecode.org to decode the filters on mint.com

Here’s one of the queries I decoded for clarity:

#location:{“dateStart”:”01/01/2016",”dateEnd”:”01/1/2017",”query”:”-category:Food & Dining”,”offset”:0,”typeFilter”:”cash”,”typeSort”:8}

This has the following:

  • Date range from 1/1/2016 to 1/1/2017
  • Do not show category “Food & Dining”
  • Show only “Cash” transactions

I haven’t figured out how or why it changes to a hash vs a query string. If anyone knows, please let me know and I’ll update the article.

If anyone knows of any other hidden filters, let me know in the comments.