Introducing Insight

Oct 29, 2019 · 2 min read

We are proud to introduce the beta release of Insight, a tool aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Ethereum development process! Insight provides a local, real-time debugging environment to help developers decode blockchain transactions. Instead of disrupting your workflow to access online tools, you now have a decoder that gives you real-time blockchain transaction information in human-readable form.

Insight identifies your customized contracts and organizes and shares known addresses with your team. Previous tools have required sacrificing some security; with Insight, none of this information ever leaves your office network.

We have been building in the Ethereum space since 2017 and grew frustrated with the lack of tooling, especially around debugging, which tends to be a time-consuming and frustrating process. We have much more planned beyond Insight, with a goal of making blockchain development easier, improving the developer experience, and advancing the pace of development throughout the entire ecosystem.

We are also excited about introducing our $XBP token into the BlitzTools ecosystem, where you will be able to hold for discounts, stake to earn rewards, and burn for special access rights.

If you are an Ethereum developer interested in accessing the Insight beta, or if you are otherwise interested in saying hello, please reach out for access and make sure to check us out on Medium, Discord, and Twitter!

Brett Richey


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