In Popular Science, Oct 1935

There’s a lot of talk right now about the Amazon Echo, or Alexa, as you would refer to the voice assistant that the Echo enables you to converse with. To a lot of people this is something very novel: you say, “Alexa, could you buy some toilet paper?” and a slightly robotic woman’s voice chirps out a recommendation and asks you if she should order it for you.

I’ve had an Amazon Echo for about a year now, and I often use Siri to replace otherwise mundane tapping on my iPhone. Voice assistants really augment my everyday life. Nothing major…

I’ve been diving into iOS for the past month building an app for my startup. One of the things I want the app to do is to let the user swipe a cell in a table view to reveal more options (similar to how the Mail app reveals “More” and “Delete” options). In this article I will discuss a few way of doing this, including how to build it yourself.

First, let’s go through the existing solutions out there:

  • UITableViewRowAction (new in iOS 8)
    This option is the best if you’re just looking to add a few buttons that appear when…


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