By Aqueelah Grant

I find that people are familiar with the more commonly used terms such as functionality testing, non-functional testing, usability testing, unit testing, and regression testing, however here are 3 that can stump you during an interview if you’ve never heard…

By Blacks In Tech

Past #BITTechTalk guest (episode #52 Ras Pi’s and Robots), Dr. Andrew Williams speaks at TEDx and shares a surprising revelation Steve Jobs made about the number of black engineers at Apple and his determination to make a change. Dr. Williams also shares the journey of the SpelBots and how they overcome obstacles in technology. This is an inspirational and positively encouraging TEDx talk.

Check out the video below:

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By Aqueelah Grant

One of my college buddies reached out and asked if I could give his younger sister career advice as she is a newbie to the software testing industry.

Here’s the advice I gave her…..

One of the dangers newcomers face in any…


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