What our Global World and Trump have in Common.

We all have seen the fiasco on television,

Some of us are here witnessing the fiasco of Trump and his loyal supporters daunting their “Make America Great Again” tag line. Every time I see a “Trump Won [ Enter State], I cross it off my list of American states I’ll never be going to.

It is a disaster and insulting.

People of color whom are within the crossfire of Donald Trumps prejudice banter and promises should not be expected to laugh and agree with Trumps antics nor should we have to endear any more surprised HOO HA about not believing that America has come to this. HELLO, AMERICA WILL ALWAYS BE A HOTBED OF DISCRIMINATION MAY I REMIND YOU THAT OUR SOCIETY IS BUILT ON IT ! I missed the part to when joking about someones possible deportation from their home is funny; or better yet when someone undermines the reason why America has been great all along because of the relentless efforts put in my immigrants, slaves, natives to make America what it is today- most of which was done by People of Color.

Personally, I feel offended every time I hear anyone laugh at the situation called Donald Trump because in their privilege his banter doesn’t truly effect them so it’s easy to take light if your not victim of his comments.

As I have noticed from our international community that only see this Trump fiasco as an US issue only fail to see that Trump and his flamboyant display of his white cis- gendered wealthy supremacy is a direct result of years of global white supremacy bred from colonization. They fail to see this because most likely they are benefiting from the same supremacy and privilege Trump flamboyantly prances around too whether in the same magnitude, quietly by-standing, or choosing to support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders without understanding why some have hesitation towards either of these candidates. *** If your not American or lack the understanding of true American History, please do not give recommendations on your preferred candidate***( I do not give a fuck if Bernie Sanders walked with MLK Jr., this does not dismiss the truth that the white supremacy system effectively has worked in his favor and well, its Hillary Clinton).

I’m not going to turn this into an sociology lesson on how colonization manifested itself on all corners of our World especially since there are plenty of well educated scholars who have already done this work but, I will say that colonization had left it’s white supremacy residue on every system and social encounter of our global society: from development and humanitarian aid to immigration policies and societal ignorance.

This is why Haiti has for awhile needed humanitarian aid and accepted the white savior complex; why North African refugees and Chinese individuals have gone through immigration restraints for their own reasons; why America and France law enforcers have the power to socially profile individuals as threats or probable threats in order to search these profiled individuals who are most likely of color; the lack of international outcry when terrorist atrocities take place in Africa and S.E. Asia; why skin bleaching is still an occurrence within the Caribbean; or why 33% of Canadians are in agreement with Trumps banning of Muslims. In their own way, these examples have a core of white supremacy that creates reliance on racist immigration or “Stop and Search” policies for “safety”; sets global trends of ideal white and European beauty; short-term fundraisers for unneeded weekly care packages instead investing in training and educational opportunities for self sustainability; and chooses what atrocity is more important to headline as important news.

Hope you are beginning to admit we have a global problem ( the first step in Alcoholic Anonymous)…

Im here to say that our Global Society is a big racist, sexist, homophobic, money hungry mess just the same as Donald Trump and for individuals who benefit from this supremacy it is just as much as your responsibility to self-educate and counter act your privilege (if you have it ) to actually enact social change and equality if that is what your about or call yourself a humanitarian.

As far as I am concerned and in my experience prejudice has no border therefore, neither does white supremacy.

There is not a difference between the flamboyant insults of Donald Trump and the by-stander that resists their conscious or unconscious prejudice. Honestly, we all have prejudice that is how the system thrives within our global and/or immediate communities’ , why solving global issues and cultural exchange is a profitable business, and what most of all makes us absolutely human.

So I say to our global community to stop living in denial, we are all apart of the same prejudice system that created and maintains our hierarchal capitalistic society. Everyday I’m reminded of this whether I like it or not and I dare say, if you feel the lightest social responsibility that you begin to self-analyze, listen, stay calmed and read read read about the truth.

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