The fact you actually believe Peter Liang is a victim in all of this shows your anti-black racism.

Thank you Nitsu! You’re laying out a complex argument so articulately. Bet they weren’t expecting Black people to be so well versed in the art of conversation and debate.

As a black women who has long been subject to subpar treatment from the Asian community, I am thankful for the opportunity to discuss the contention that exists between Black Lives and Asian Lives in America.

Here is my open letter to Asian Americans:

Furthermore, I am calling for a complete boycott of Asian American businesses until there’s a formal apology and financial contribution to the family of Akai Gurley.

As Black people our power lies in the Black dollar. Today, I no longer invest my Black dollar in the Asian American community, Day #2 Boycott of #AsianAmerican businesses. This is an exciting challenge to find #Blackowned businesses. Please join us.

Inspiration — OurBlackYear, Maggie Anderson