Gel Nail Art Designs 2016 NOW Available At Blliis By Ravissant In Delhi

Premium luxury boutique salon and spa in Delhi, Blliis By Ravissant has launched in Gel Nail Art Designs 2016 at its salon this month. This new trend is fast catching on in the Capital as more and more people are going in for designer gel nail art designs this season.

The professionals here will work with clients to give you premium designer nails at an affordable package. The onus of the skilled nail art designers here is to make their clients look chic and fashionable. The recent trend is cool and vibrant colors to give nails a fresh and energetic look to cater to the hot summer needs. The professionals here have unleashed their creativity and infused some real complex nail art designs to grab the limelight in the Capital.

Nail art professionals at Blliis By Ravissant state that in the recent times nail art has become a very popular nail beautifying trend among teenagers in the Capital. The young teen of today generally stops at nothing to get the perfect look and they often express their individuality with nail art. In Delhi today, nail art infused with colorful beads, stones, and stickers are in vogue today. Some teens also go to the extent of getting nail jewellery like danglers to achieve the perfect unique signature look.

The experts here state that many young women step in with their own nail art designs. However, for the beginner, the nail decoration will vary as per the mood, occasion and season. Gel nail art is the new kid in town and when clients opt for it, a French manicure is recommended by the professionals too.

Gel nail art is for women of all ages and the professionals at Blliis By Ravissant are waiting for client to show off their creative skills. Nail art can also be a part of your best wedding make up in Delhi plans too. Girls are now going in for nail decoration on their big day and the experts here are flooded with work during the wedding season.

For getting the best nail art in Delhi, professionals here recommend clients to book their appointments early. There is a huge rush for nail art designs here and if urgency arises, clients may not be able to get their appointment due to the rush. Appointments with the nail art professionals may be done by dropping in or over the telephone. Both young teens and women are happy with the art designs imparted by the skilled and qualified nail art professionals here. The price of the packages are affordable and the salon is open to everyone interested to getting some of the best nail art designs in town. To know more, please visit

This press release gives you an insight into the exclusive gel nail art services launched by Blliss By Ravissant in the Capital.