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An Institute (of sorts) in the North Sea

King’s latest is a good 700 pages shorter than my last read of his The Stand but it is no lesser work. It is part ode to conspiracy theories, comment on small town American and the growing role of big government in 2020. He really has distilled a gem of a novel laced with the tension which builds right up to the thrilling denouement.

Night Knocking

The narrative arc takes us into the Main woods but first we are thrust into the small town (probably an overstatement) of DuPray, South Carolina. Tim Jamieson’s story takes off (not literally) as he decides to disembark a scheduled Delta flight which would have taken him safely back to New York. Instead of history turning on a dime this time- Great events turn on small hinges. Hitch-hiking up the eastern seaboard brings him to the quaint town where he takes up the comfortably mundane task of Night knocker. …

“All civilisations consider themselves invulnerable; history warns us that none is.”

I am a massive Robert Harris fan. Having enjoyed the Cicero trilogy, Munich, Fatherland, the Officer and the Spy and most recently Conclave. Second Sleep it is a return to the church vs science battle as an intriguing mystery develops in the post-apocalyptic British countryside.

The 400 or so page reinforce Harris’ reputation as the master of the page-turning thriller. The landscape created reminds me a good deal of GMB’s His Bloody Project. Our protagonist here is Christopher Fairfax. He is thrust into village life against his wishes and spends the early chapters trying to extricate himself. …

‘You talkin’ crazy taking a stranger into your own home?’

‘You’ll end up with a crazy guy using your carcass like a sled down Union St.’

‘Airbnb- isn’t that all over now cos Covid-19’

Sharing is caring

We are taught as young children to share. That philosophy seems to evaporate in our teenage years and twenties to be replaced with a Keep up with the Jones arms race. Essentially who can be the Big Swinging Dick (BSD) and Uber around in a Matt Black Bentley? But during the Airbnb battle, it is who has the most spare-rooms that matters.


You don’t need a McMansion with an acre of orchard or even a condo in the hottest part of town. …


Max is a British artist of Jewish descent. Newish to woodwork and blogging. Follow on Instagram -blmwoodwork

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