Jelly Token Unleashed: Blobs’ Dilemma, and the Ethereal Vault

4 min readMar 8, 2024


CA: 0x895A26F67a8375D0419Cb7E4bd1109aC139ab741

The Defect & Burn Quest will open in approximately 24 hours.

Introduction: 🟪 $JELLY Emerges

In the ever-evolving realm of Blob Farm, a seismic shift is brewing — the emergence of the meme token $JELLY. This audacious newcomer transcends mere novelty, intertwining with the very fabric of Blob Farm’s economic tapestry.

The Blobs’ Goo and the Ethereal Vault

At the heart of Blob Farm lies Goo — a precious resource generated by Blobs through their relentless mining efforts. When sold into the Vault, Goo transmutes into tangible ETH, forming the bedrock of the game’s current economy. As Blobs are bought or hatched, their contributions fuel the communal wealth stored within the Vault, creating a shared pool of rewards.

🟪 $JELLY: The Catalyst of Choice and Consequence

$JELLY, however, introduces a tantalizing dilemma. By burning their Blobs, players opt for a radical departure from the familiar, exchanging their allegiance for the allure of $JELLY tokens. This decision resonates far beyond individual gains, as it severs ties with the ETH-filled Vault and relinquishes future rewards from the established game economy.

Yet, the ripples of this choice extend further, impacting the collective fortunes of those who choose to stay behind. $JELLY buys and sells are not mere exchanges; they are pivotal contributions to the original game vault — The Blob Vault — and the auto-liquidity provision for the Jelly token itself. As Blobs embraces the siren call of $JELLY, the buy-and-sell tax dynamically fortifies the foundation of the game’s economy while simultaneously fueling the token’s liquidity.

$JELLY Tokenomics:


Total Supply: 10,000,000 JELLY | Initial Market Cap: ~$200,000

  • (25%) 2,500,000 $JELLY for the Burn Quest (until fully claimed)
  • (10%) 1,000,000 $JELLY with 5 ETH Liquidity (Locked 1 Year)
  • (5%) 500,000 $JELLY for Advisors (10% Unlocked, 90% Unlocked after 3 months)
  • (5%) 500,000 $JELLY for Development (10% Unlocked, 90% Unlocked after 3 months)
  • (5%) 500,000 $JELLY for Promotions (DEX, Staking, etc. Unlocked)
  • (25%) 2,500,000 $JELLY for Treasury (500,000 unlocked every 6 months)
  • (25%) 2,500,000 $JELLY for Future Quests (500,000 unlocked every 3 months)

3% Total Tax on Buys and Sells:

  • 1% contributed to the Original Game Vault
  • 2% for Automated Liquidity Provision

Anti-Whale Measures:

  • Maximum Transaction Amount: 1% of Total Supply
  • Maximum Wallet Size: 1% of Total Supply


CA: 0x895A26F67a8375D0419Cb7E4bd1109aC139ab741

The Defect & Burn Quest will open in approximately 24 hours.

Defect or Stay: The Burn Quest.

The Defect Or Stay Quest, an exhilarating chapter in the Jelly Token saga, awaits Blobs’ participation, commencing 24 hours after the inception of trading (12th March) and ending when 2.5m (25%) $JELLY has been claimed. This strategic delay allows for price discovery and ensures a fair, engaging entry point for all players, while the large percentage to The Defect or Stay Quest gives time for the dynamics on the vault to play out.

As $JELLY takes center stage, the Blobs’ dilemma becomes a pivotal chapter in the Blob Farm legacy. The choice to defect and burn Blobs’ resonates far beyond individual ambitions; it is a ripple in the communal pond, shaping the dynamics of the game’s economy in profound and lasting ways.

In this era of evolution, the Blob Farm ecosystem stands poised to embrace the memetic force of $JELLY Token, unleashing a cascade of consequences that will echo through the annals of its history, forever etching the tales of those who dared to defect or remain resolute in their loyalty.

WARNING: Experimental. 🚨

The Jelly contract and the Defect Quest contract are not audited. Users engage at their own risk, acknowledging the inherent risks associated with defi activities, potential smart contract vulnerabilities, and the possibility of financial loss of some or all funds.

$JELLY Token is a meme coin that has the potential to become useless. $JELLY Token is a strict utility token in any jurisdiction and is not and can not be considered as a security or otherwise a regulated token of any kind, is not in any way e-money and/or fiat or asset-backed stablecoin, whether global or limited in scope.

This website and any Blob Farm marketing materials are not a contract or a contractual agreement of any kind, is not an invitation, solicitation, or offer to invest in Blobs, $JELLY, or acquire or use its $JELLY tokens or Blobs in any way and with any expectation of profit in any form. Any user of Blob Farm declares to have received appropriate technical, administrative, regulatory, and legal advice before and after accessing and/or reading this website and using any portion or element of Blob Farm (including any $JELLY token or Blobs therein) and accepts that there is an inherently high risk in accessing, acquiring or using any kind of blockchain and/or cryptosystem, token, platform, software, interface including Blob Farm and $JELLY Token and further acknowledges with full disclaimer for any community member directly or indirectly involved with Blob Farm, that there can be any kind of damage suffered, including total loss.