is now listed on Top 100 Cryptocurrencies exchange

We are happy to announce that has been listed on is the new brand of the well known

It has been a pleasure to work with their team. Very responsive and friendly. It was very easy to integrate BLOC into their exchange.

STEX has 10 to 20 times more daily trading volume that our actual exchange TradeOgre. It is a great addition to our ecosystem. We have now two exchange available where you can trade BLOC

Note: TradeOgre has actually a limit for withdrawal to 300 BLOC per withdrawal. This is due to a non wallet optimization since last updates. They are curently optimizing the wallets but it might take some time. Meanwhile we suggest to use STEX until the situation with TradeOgre and withdrawal comes back to normal.

The fees listing for BLOC on STEX exchange has been paid 1 BTC by the BLOC team (without selling any BLOC)

The BLOC ecosystem is growing slowly step by step.

More coming soon.

In BLOC we trust.

Thank you for following us.

Official Website:

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BLOC is a fast, easy to use and private decentralized cryptocurrency. A blockchain for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

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