How to use desktop wallet & mining client
Oct 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Welcome everyone, this is Steve and you are watching BLOC.MONEY youtube channel.

In this video we are going to explain

1. how to download the BLOC.MONEY wallet and install it on your computer
2. How to setup the BLOC.MONEY wallet for instant mining
3. Check the mining reward and pending balance

First we need to go on the BLOC.MONEY website and click on the DOWNLOAD button from the top menu.
From here, you can dowwnload the exclusive range of softwares.

Today we are interested by the Desktop wallet and mining client.
Our desktop wallet client allow you to create your wallet, store your, view your transactions but also include our easy to use one click-button instant mining.

Select your favorite system. The BLOC wallet is available for windows, mac and linux. For this video i’m using a MacOs so i will download the Mac OS version. Note that the Mac OS version is compatible for Mac OS Sierra and Mac OS High Sierra. (The same build works on both OS)
The same build works for the same OS.

Once you have downloaded the file, go to your computer and double click the installation package to install the BLOC wallet.
Select the BLOC wallet application and put in where you like

Double click the application to open to BLOC wallet.

You might see an error message like this saying that you can not open this software because it’s coming from not identified apple developer. Simply click ok.

Simply go to the control panel of your mac, to the system, select security and then click here, open anyway.

Now the BLOC wallet is starting for the 1st time on your computer. You will note the your BLOC address has been created instantly. This is your personnal address. You can copy it by clicking this link here. Copy address.

We will have to wait for the wallet synchronisation to finish. It depends the speed of your internet connexion. For this video it took about 2 minutes to synchronise the wallet.

Once the wallet is synchronised, we are ready to use it.

Overview show the most recent activity of your wallet, including your balance, the mining status if your mining, the pending transactions in the pool and your recent transaction details.

Send BLOC allow you to send BLOC.MONEY to any other BLOC wallet address.
Simply enter the wallet address here, Then enter the amount you like to send, the fees are set automatically to 0.0001 BLOC. you canenter a payement ID if you have one, it must contain 64 caracters, once you are ready click SEND button

Image for post
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Transactions will list all your incomming and outgoing transactions
The BLOCK Explorer shows you blocks details from the blockchain including the transaction that it contains
Contacts is a simple but easy feature to add your friends and family address so you don’t have to remember it

The mining part allow you to select your favorite mining pool following your location. We have 3 different officials mining pool with different servers to offer a better connectivity located in Europe (Finland), We have one in North America (San fransisco) and another one in Asia (Singapore). You can simply drag and drop your favorite mining pool on the top list.

Once you are ready, click start mining.

Your hashrate will be instantly updated once you connect to the mining pool and you can see a green icon next to the mining pool. That’s it! You are mining BLOC ! Congratulations!

Now copy your bloc wallet address and let’s go the the mining pool website to check the activity of my account.

I’m mining from the BLOC europe mining pool. BLOC-MINING.EU

Scroll down and paste your address from your BLOC wallet and click the search icon to display the data.

We can see there the total hashes submitted including the pending balance. It still shows 0 right now because blocks from the blockchain require 50 confirmations for the mining reward to be distributed. As we know the block time is 2 minutes so this means we will be able to see the first pending balance in about 2 hours if blocks are found of course from this pool.

Ok so i left my MacBook pro mining for about 12 hours. We can see that i already received a payment from the mining pool, its’s here about 1 BLOC’. And i still have 0.2 something in the pending balance because im still mining.
Let’s check out the transaction in the wallet.
As you we see here we received 1 BLOC. My balance is 1 BLOC everything is ok.

That’s how simple it is to mine the BLOC using the BLOC wallet with the mining features included.

I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to click the like button and the subscribe button aswell. More tutorials are coming soon. Thank you.

In BLOC we trust.

Thank you for following us.

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