$50,000USD worth of BLX tokens to be given away from our Bounty Campaign! 价值50,000美元的BLX代币将从我们的赏金活动中送出!

Oct 16 · 2 min read

We’re back with exciting news to announce! Blocbox will be launching an IEO with Exonium, a platform with over 100,000 traders powered by Consentium and three very successful IEOs since its launch in June this year. This will help propel us to further into our roadmap and bring a digital revolution to the maritime industry.

In celebration of this, we will be initiating a bounty campaign for registered users to promote BlocBox on Telegram and Twitter.


  1. Telegram — Bounty tokens can be earned by joining Telegram here: https://t.me/BlocBox

Bounty Rules

  • Must be a member of the Telegram group and stay until the end of the IEO
  • No spam or foul language against other members or about the project
  • Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited

Bounty Rewards: 37.5 BLX tokens for joining Telegram group

2. Twitter — Bounty tokens are earned by following us on twitter here: https://twitter.com/blocboxio

Bounty Rules

  • Must be following us on Twitter and stay until the end of the IEO
  • Account must be at least 3 months old.
  • Must have at least 100 followers.

Bounty Rewards: 37.5 BLX tokens for joining

Time period: Starts 14 October 2019, 12:00 am UTC and ends on 18 October 2019, 9:00 am UTC.

Total amount of tokens for BlocBox Bounty: 50,000 USD worth of BLX!




  1. Telegram — 在以下位置加入电报来赚取赏金令牌:https://t.me/BlocBox


  • 必须是Telegram组的成员,并保留到IEO结束
  • 不会针对其他成员或有关该项目的垃圾邮件或粗口语言
  • 严格禁止讨论赏金

赏金奖励: 37.5 BLX代币

2. Twitter — 通过以下Twitter上关注我们来赚取赏金代币:https://twitter.com/blocboxio


  • 必须在Twitter上关注我们并一直停留到IEO结束
  • 帐户必须至少3个月大。
  • 必须至少有100个关注者。

赏金奖励: 37.5 BLX代币




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A maritime ecosystem on blockchain technology which will allow users to access content and facilitating payment transactions in international maritime trade.

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