Priveen Raj Naidu joins BlocBox Advisory Board

Oct 15 · 3 min read
Mr. Priveen Raj Naidu, Founder and CEO of Reapra Aviation Partners (RAP)

SINGAPORE, January 31, 2019 — BlocBox Pte. Ltd. announces the addition of a new member to its advisory board; Mr. Priveen Raj Naidu, who is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reapra Aviation Partners (RAP), an aviation subsidiary of Reapra Pte. Ltd.

As one half of the two-member team that set up AirAsia in Singapore back in 2003, Priveen has extensive experience in the aviation industry that saw him take up overlapping responsibilities of branding, strategizing, business development and curating consumer experience for the low-cost carrier. His determination to grow and expand his skillsets motivated him to leave AirAsia after nearly a decade, and he subsequently joined Temasek Polytechnic’s aviation management department as a lecturer. During his stint as a lecturer in the polytechnic, he spent a lot of time working with industry partners to formulate and review existing content to ensure standards and policies are aligned to the aviation industry.

Priveen’s enduring passion for the aviation industry brought him to found Reapra Aviation Partners in late 2017, a company that helps the region increase its aviation capabilities through working with government stakeholders to increase their aviation economies in the airline, airport and training space.

Addressing his joining BlocBox’s advisory board, Priveen comments, “I have always been a believer of disruptors, having been with brands that have redefined social norms. I am personally excited to collaborate with the amazing BlocBox team to explore bringing change to the aviation space. The team is backed up with decades of respective experience and I hope to work with them to bring effective and holistic shifts into my industry. This solution has the potential to change and empower the way we translate safety in the aviation segment.”

Kenny Koh, CEO & Co-Founder of BlocBox adds, “We are very excited to have Priveen on our advisory board and are encouraged by his belief in the success of our solution and our potential as a team. With his dynamic experience and perspective, he will be a valuable asset to us while developing our blockchain protocol for aviation.”

The BlocBox team will be tapping on Priveen’s expertise in the aviation sector and will work closely with him to understand key factors of success while customising the blockchain protocol for the aviation industry.

About Reapra Aviation Partners (RAP)
RAP knows that change does not need to be expensive, just focused. Having a team that has experience in the low-cost segment of aviation, they continue to put that focus into practice with their clients as well — so that every dollar saved can be enjoyed by their clients and partners. RAP provides independent and problem-focused solutions that are co-created with clients to ensure consistency and sustainability. Effective change is a marriage of collaboration and innovation. They aim to bring effective and pragmatic solutions to their clients through their skill set, experience and ecosystem of industry renowned strategic partners.

About BlocBox
BlocBox is the world’s first Blockchain protocol for aviation and maritime safety. It is an immutable distributed ledger with blockchain technology designed to solve the challenges of retrieval of blackbox data, transparency, predictions and ownership in the maritime & aviation industry. BlocBox will collect and encrypt data that is stored locally within safety instruments installed on ships and airplanes. With BlocBox, there will be an inclusive ecosystem that enables all stakeholders, from crew to government officials, to gain access to services that will benefit them in daily operations.

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A maritime ecosystem on blockchain technology which will allow users to access content and facilitating payment transactions in international maritime trade.

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