Token Swap and Listing Update

The token swap has commenced and will be ongoing for roughly the next 48 hours from the time of this posting. Given the modest complexity of the conversions coupled with the number of transactions we had outside the confines of our smart contract as well as some Fiat purchases, there was a fair amount of manual distribution. The business logic tied to the original smart contract did not hold up because of the variation in the price of ethereum (peg vs. current), along with the additional supply equity given to participators. It was not a simple matter of applying a 250:1 conversion. Currently, we’re creating a script to convert ICO buyers and should have it running soon.

Once completed, we will provide information regarding listing status and slowly but deliberately begin to unfurl our best laid plans.

BBY will begin its listing journey on Stex. In recent months Stex has gained a reputation for listing projects that have been given the coveted status of undiscovered gems. To be perfectly candid, most would call their overall offerings a mixed bag, however we were encouraged by the overhaul of their UI and the quality of some of their most recent listings. With that, we thought this would be a good place to get started.

Onward and upward.