The technology cluster Silicon Valley gained massive media attention and an even better reputation during the last 20 years. The world’s biggest technology companies among Google, Apple and Amazon have settled down in California to form synergies and exchange knowledge between each other. A comparable technology phenomenon is currently arising in Switzerland, the Crypto Valley.

The small Swiss city named Zug, located in Switzerland is the place to be for emerging technology startups operating in the Blockchain sector. …

The city Zug, known for the Crypto Valley and its positive approach towards Blockchain technology has successfully tested a Blockchain-based e-voting system between June 25th and July 1st. The voting system is a research project managed in collaboration with Alexander Denzler, lecturer of big data at the University of Lucerne. The vote was a first trial to observe and verify security relevant aspects such as personality protection, vote secret, immutability, test- and traceability.

We contacted Dieter Müller, head of communication of the city Zug, in Switzerland.

“The city council of Zug is intensively debating about Blockchain technology since 2015 and…

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