Announcing the BlockAction Wallet on test networks

Sep 30, 2017 · 3 min read

We are happy to announce the launch of “BlockAction — A Secure and Simplified Solution for Blockchain Transactions” on test networks today.

About the BlockAction

The BlockAction is a product by Avarch in association with BitsBeat. Avarch has been into blockchain space for a while with its first project — EtherWorld, a website which shares news, update on projects and technical blogs on blockchain technology. BitsBeat on the other side has been known for providing complete web solutions, IT consultancies, UI design, SEO, Mobile Application and Digital Marketing since 2015.

What does BlockAction provide? provides user the facility:

· to create the most secured wallet.

· to perform blockchain transactions with new or existing wallets.

· to request payment from another wallet or user.

· to view real time transaction status.

The BlockAction team has been working hard to provide a simplified solution to blockchain transaction to increase the ease of cryptocurrency. Currently, we support Ethereum and Bitcoin. We plan to add more tokens in subsequent release.

How BlockAction provides the most secured wallet?

· Wallet creation is done on client side.

· Password selected and private key generated are ‘for your eyes only.’

· A user can go offline at the time of creation of wallet and connect back to the internet when password is chosen and private key is downloaded or saved somewhere safe.

· is multi-device supported. It can’t be accessed through desktop, mobile phone and tablets. A user doesn’t need to download any application on desktop or mobile to create wallet or perform transaction.

· Password selected and Private key generated are ‘for your eyes only’. BlockAction does not store either of them because you want to keep your cryptocurrency (Ether and Bitcoin) safe with you as the owner of private key of your wallet.

How BlockAction simplifies blockchain transactions?

· All BlockAction transactions are publicly visible on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain.

· You don’t need to wait for link in email to view the transaction status. He can view it real time on

· You don’t need to visit another website to view the balance, it is available in just another button.

· You can send or request receive payments in Eth and BTC without disclosing your identity.

· It is fast and secured because all transactions are encrypted with SSL certificate.

· You can access your wallet anytime, anywhere with any device (mobile, tablet, computers) without downloading the entire blockchain.

How to use BlockAction on test networks?

1. Join us on Slack Channel.

2. Request test ETH (KETH) or test BTC.

3. Go to At present this website is already on test networks (Block Explorer for Bitcoin and Kovan for Ethereum), so you are all set.

4. Select the cryptocurrency you want to test from navigation bar and you can start exploring.

Join us on Slack.

We are distributing free test ETH and test BTC on our slack. Please join the channel to share your feedback and report any bug to help improve our product. We will also be answering questions, announcing changes and updates on the slack channel. For further questions please email at

You can also find us at GitHub, Twitter and Facebook.

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