Weekend Update 2/2/18

  1. New Office (3,700sq feet space — pics Monday!)
  2. New Advisor, Igor Barinov from POA.Network
  3. New Partnership with QLink.mobi
  4. Pilot Study with small local carrier underway (15 trucks)
  5. Website www.blockarray.io is operating and will be updated over the weekend with new graphics, etc.
  6. Listed on KuCoin.com
  7. Sam did get a haircut — picture coming soon
  8. Attending a conference in March with possible demo slot
  9. Expect some news coming from us and a university soon-ish
  10. We will integrate Steemit with our social media platforms, along with using twitter and medium more too
  11. We will be working with BiTA in establishing industry standards for blockchain based technologies (e.g. smart contracts)
  12. We will post more updates on our efforts in working with the Tennessee State Reps. in making a framework (and possible pilot study) for smart contracts (e.g. trade contracts)