Interested in taking the crypto plunge but have no idea where to start? It can be hard know where to get stuck in when it comes to choosing between different crypto tokens. With so many ICOs popping up so quickly, picking out the winners from the sinners can be a real task.

For us, here at Blockbank, we have no doubts about why BBRT is one of the best crypto tokens out there. …

BBRT is Blockbank’s native ERC-20 token — the fuel that makes our system work.

Functioning in two manners simultaneously, BBRT is designed to act as the currency for loan applicants to access our platform, as well as the vehicle to support business expansion and enable smoother supply chain logistics.

This dual functionality, coupled with BBRT’s limited supply, enables scalability of the system, while also increasing the value of the token over time.

BBRT — Primary Function

On the surface, BBRT is used by all loan applicants to pay loan fees on our platform. …

In a world where technology is fast infiltrating all areas of our lives, the banking sector is already beginning to see significant shifts in its operations. With the rise of hacks and security breaches in traditional banking entities, coupled with the reverberations of the world’s economic crises and a widening global funding gap, it’s not surprising that our current modes of working are becoming unfavourable and untenable.

Drawing from their own experiences in the banking industry, Blockbank co-founders — Adam Cuffe and Yusuf Sozi — have devised a revolutionary solution to some of the most striking issues affecting traditional banking…

Interview with CEO Adam Cuffe

Adam Cuffe — An Interview with Blockbank Founder

Heralding from Yorkshire UK, Adam Cuffe is pioneering the banking revolution by leveraging blockchain technology to take advantages of its automation, immutability, security, and speed. Having recognized the grave need to reform the banking industry to close the global funding gap, Cuffe and co-founder Yusuf Soze, stand on the precipice of transformation, welcoming Blockbank as the first fully-licensed bank on blockchain.

1. Hi Adam, let’s hear a little about your background to start.

Well, originally I hail from Leeds — a Yorkshire boy through and through! I…

BRRT Token Economy — The Benefits

Token generation events and a tsunami of new cryptocurrency tokens have left many coin investors feeling a little baffled as to whether tokens are really producing anything sustainable for the blockchain community at large. As with all technological leaps forwards, early evangelists jump on the bandwagon, swinging their buzzword pitchforks, blazing for a revolution on a dime-sized understanding of the actual technology.

In short, this is why tokens are crashing and burning. The tokenomics that are meant to be underpinning the concepts are looser than a six-year-old’s tooth. The problem is that while many…

The banking industry is changing and Blockbank is riding the wave to the new generation. Recognizing that the paradigms of banking are melting away, co-founders Adam Cuffe and Yusuf Sozistrive forward in modernizing banking solutions with blockchain’s wind under their wings.

While the rush to jump on the ICO bandwagon has gripped many new start-ups, Blockbank have taken the time to ensure that every step of their own journey has been fruitful in providing a more solid foundation for business — that will support the future of commercial banking. …

The first of its kind, Blockbank stands center stage as the first fully licensed bank on blockchain. As a dynamic innovator of banking, Blockchain commercial products are the best choice for anyone looking to kick off a new venture or manage their commercial logistics.

Looking for a commercial loan? Here’s why Blockbank should be your first choice.

Blockbank Provides Affordable Loans

Thanks to Blockbank’s forward-thinking technology, there is no need for expensive middlemen. This helps to cut down the costs involved with supplying commercial funding products, enabling Blockbank to offer commercial loans at afforadable rates.

Blockbank Solutions are Flexible

When embarking on a new endeavour, it is important…


How Does Blockbank Funding Help Businesses?

Blockbank are proud to be at the forefront of cutting edge banking, leveraging dynamic technology to provide affordable, accessible, commercial funding worldwide.

Unlike other banking institutions, Blockbank has a keen focus on providing flexible solutions, tailored to each clients’ needs. Using our speedy, secure system and tight-knit network of partners, Blockbank is ready with expert advice on how we can help you jumpstart your business.

So how can Blockbank help your business?

A Leg Up to Financial Independence

The everyday grind can be a soul destroying task. If you find yourself running the daily rat race, wishing your could pursue…

BBRT Lists on LATOKEN Exchange on 29thNov

Following their Successful ICO , Blockbank are announcing their partnership with popular exchange, LATOKEN. Blockbank will be listing BBRT on LATOKEN from 29th November, starting at $3 a token.

The much anticipated move to list on the rapidly growing crypto exchange comes in the wake of Blockbank’s strategy to galvanise Commercial lending and Innovative crypto- strategy which was part of the reason as to why their ICO was so successful , having sold a staggering £12.83 million worth of tokens.

Offering affordable commercial loans on a global-scale, Blockbank are leveraging blockchain technology to provide accessible funding to those who need it around the world.

Having already built their own exchange (Blockbank Exchange) to trade their token (and others), Blockbank are now keen…

Blockbank — The Blockchain Revolution in Banking

Blockchain on the tip of everyone’s tongues, it’s no secret that there’s a tech revolution underway. But how does this all fit in with banking? Introducing Blockbank — pioneering the banking industry into a new future.

Who Are Blockbank?

Blockbank will be the first fully licensed bank on blockchain

With a team of financial experts their ranks, Blockbank combine next-gen banking and dynamic technology, providing bespoke commercial funding solutions to businesses, institutions, and governments.

The brainchild of co-founders Adam Cuffe and Yusuf Sozi, Blockbank leverages the security and transparency of blockchain technology to…


Blockbank’s mission is to revolutionize the banking industry & reinvigorate economies by providing more accessible, democratised routes to commercial funding

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