Blockbid Bounty Campaign

Blockbid is pleased to announce a bounty and rewards program for Twitter promotion.

For each retweet of a Blockbid tweet, or by tweeting the link to a Blockbid article, the bounties will be as follows for per retweet or linkshares:

  • 0.1 BID token — if you have 0–249 followers
  • 0.3 BID token — if you have 250–499 followers
  • 0.5 BID token — if you have 500–999 followers
  • 1 BID token — if you have 1000–1999 followers
  • Increasing by 2 BID per 1000 followers from 2000 and above

So if you have 2000–2999 followers, you will receive 3 BID tokens for each retweet or linkshare. If you have 3000–3999 followers, you will receive 5 BID tokens per retweet/linkshare, and so on.


  • You will need to ensure your timeline is visible (not private)
  • Maximum of 1 retweet or link share per account, per day
  • Maximum 250 retweets/link shares per Twitter account for the duration of the campaign.

Bounty campaign closes on the 14th of December 2017.

Below is the link to the Blockbid ICO thread, which you are able to post on Twitter to earn tokens, as you are with this announcement, and any previous Tweets from the official Blockbid Twitter account.

Twitter: @blockbid_io

To register just send an email to expressing your interest, and we will send you instructions on how to participate in the bounty campaign.

If you wish to participate in the Blockbid ICO, you can sign up on our website