Blockbid Project Update — January 2019

Blockbid is excited start 2019 off with a bang and share our latest project updates with our valued community.

Since Blockbid’s soft launch in Oct 2018 we have garnered an enormous amount of knowledge in regards to the way our systems behave in a live environment and have had the ability to learn a lot from our community about various upgrades, functionalities or bugs that need to be addressed before we take our next steps forward. We’re currently working on a timeline of approximately 10–12 weeks to complete the issues identified (see list below) as the minimum required before moving forward with our full-scale launch.

Sometime in the next two weeks, we anticipate there to be a 1 day system maintenance downtime as we upgrade various parts of our system to help with scalability.

The list below is not complete, not in any order and various other additional functionalities will also be added during or after this current sprint cycle. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received thus far and welcome more feedback in the future:

  • Deposit/Withdrawal display Blockchain TX Hash
  • XRP Withdrawal has optional destination tag
  • Allow users the option to request change details
  • Allow users info and re trigger KYC
  • Ability to amend current open order
  • 2FA reset request with cooling period
  • Order book change BID/ASK to buy/sell
  • Cancel order button visible all times
  • Portfolio section/Total crypto worth in balances page
  • IP change email notification
  • Ability to fill the buy/sell section when you click on item in order book
  • KYC available via desktop and Mobile
  • Highlight logged in user’s order in order book
  • Fiat to Fiat Trading
  • List of all Market Pairs Blockbid support
  • Fee Page for different chain withdrawals
  • Status Page for Exchange
  • Users can download Trade History Data
  • User can request option to close account
  • Option for users to vote for listing a coin
  • Cancel all Buy and Cancel All Sell open orders
  • Duress Password options
  • Split order book into more visible sections

Mobile App:
iOS and Android apps are currently in development. Further information will be provided in our next update.

Many member of our community have enquired about our facial recognition functionality during KYC signup process.

We are an Australian registered DCE (digital currency exchange) provider governed by AUSTRAC. Our approval to operate has come under strict regulation concerning AML/CTF policies on global scale, we have therefore have been working with our provider RapidID & Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions to help qualify users on our platform. We do not store the data and the data is almost immediately deleted post-KYC & AML/CTF checks by our providers.

You may find further information to RapidID’s Data Retention & Privacy Policies here or for Lexis Nexis’ privacy policy click here.

We have always strived to raise the industry standard and take our users privacy extremely seriously. We achieve this by working closely with our regulatory framework, as set out by the governing jurisdiction. We are an Australian licensed and registered company — you may find additional information regarding privacy policy for foreign individuals data interacting with Australian businesses under Australian law by clicking here.

We have made the executive decision to scale back all marketing efforts until we have implemented most of the functionalities to the exchange and have a confirmed date for our full launch.

Over the course of the last 18 months we have been in contact with 400+ projects that many have pre paid listing fees and have been working with ours or their own community to alert them of upcoming listing on Blockbid Exchange.

Although we do not have a refund policy in our listing terms and conditions as we do not have definitive confirmed timeline to Live Launch we have been offering many of the projects a refund on the pre paid listing fee.

We have also further completed during this time an in depth fundamental analysis of many projects that requested or paid for a listing and have been able to determine that many projects are not in line with our company internal policies for listing or are potentially projects that have been discontinued and therefore we now have narrowed down our list of coins that will be listed.

Our CMO will be in touch with many of the projects within the next week to alert the teams to the changes and how we may be able to take the next forward together if requirements are met.

Token Swap:
We have various conversations within the team, telegram channel and also with our liquidity provider and will be putting forward our options available to all of you to help us make the best decision moving forward.

The process will be run by @Blockmastery and we will have another post coming up shortly with a poll as well to help us determine results.

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