Virtual Flame Studios Presents:

Block Bones NFT on Cardano

Virtual Flame Studios (VFS) is an NFT studio that began on VeChain blockchain in October of 2021. We currently maintain 6 unique NFT projects and Block Bones will be number 7!

Our love for web 3 and NFT culture is not bound to one blockchain as brand growth is a primary focus for us. We chose Cardano for many reasons including community, decentralization, and a general belief in the goals of the Cardano blockchain. We believe many maximalist projects will suffer by making the decision to refute blockchain agnosticism, thus harming the very community they hope to grow. We are beyond excited to launch out project “Block Bones” on Cardano, so let’s take a look inside the project and what we aim to bring to the community!

Project Statement:

6969 Block Bones will unearth themselves on October 28/29, 2022 with whitelist and public sale respectively. This project is purely a PFP collectible designed with community growth and integration in mind. We have found many similarities in our VeChain and Cardano communities and believe in cultivating this to a new level by creating a home base for both users to participate in.

Block Bones are a generative collection for the degenerative mindset we all embrace so passionately. Our journey doesn’t end at mint out, it only begins. Enjoy sublicensing rights to each Block Bones you possess, access to a private channel in our VFS Discord, and being part of a collection in which the founders are hyper focused on brand and community growth.

VFS will frequently attend NFT conventions and meet ups across the country while representing the Block Bones community. Ofcourse, we will bring plenty of merchandise and information to onboard new members consistently throughout our travels. Many project teams believe “minting out” is the primary objective, however, at VFS we believe a mint out signals the beginning of the journey for the core team, not the end. We look forward to growing this project and brand for our holders and supporters.

Minting Info:

Posted below is an infographic will some important information you will need to be first in line at Block Bones mint. We encourage you to save the image and share it with friends on your social media accounts.

Whitelist Info: Whitelist mint will occur 24 hours prior to public mint (Oct 28, 2022). Getting whitelisted is easy peasy and grants you 5 mints at a discounted rate of 10 $ADA / mint. To claim your whitelist, simply join our Discord, head over to the “Cardano Wallet Registration”, enter “/wallet (your wallet address)” and boom, you’re whitelisted. If you have doubts of confirmation you can check for the “Block Brigade” role given to each whitelisted member.

Public Mint Info: Public mint will occur and remain open until the entire collection has been minted (Oct 29, 2022) for a price of 15 $ADA / mint.

Final Thoughts:

We at VFS have established a reputable presence as an NFT hub for collectors and intend on keeping this merit. Under no circumstance will we “rug” or give up on this project. VFS was founded by NFT collectors, for NFT collectors and our passion comes from making the holders happy. Our team of 6 is capable and ready to commit full time dedication for Block Bones holders and we can’t wait to show you what we are capable of. Our journey doesn’t end at mint out, in fact, our journey never ends. Web 3 and NFTs are our passion and we enjoy every moment of this adventure. Ask around in our existing communities for further reassurance of our dedication. We look forward to embarking on our Cardano maiden voyage and we hope you join us by minting Block Bones and making some noise about our trustworthy team at VFS. See you on mint day.


Where can I find the minting Dapp?

  • TBA

Is there any utility?

  • This collection is purely based on the artwork and VFS makes no promises on immediate or future utility. We will pursue brand growth to ensure many collectors are aware of our existence on Cardano.

Am I promised financial return?

  • No collector is promised any financial return from Block Bones. Those who mint or participate in the project are doing so for collectible purposes only.

Do I have a voice in the direction of Block Bones?

  • Yes, every holder of the Block Bones has a voice and will be heard by the team. Our goals are your goals and vice versa. We implore community engagement.





Twitter @BlockBones

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