Updated: January 3, 2019

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Blockbutler currently supports ETH and all ERC-20 tokens, with limited support for ERC-721, like CryptoKitties.

If an address that you are monitoring sends or receives a transaction with any of these tokens, you will receive a notification. Visit CoinMarketCap for a complete up-to-date list of ERC-20 tokens.

Blockbutler supports:

Blockbutler supported cryptocurrencies and tokens

First and foremost, happy birthday Bitcoin!

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Today is an important day in blockchain world. It’s the annual Proof of Keys day, that celebrates personal monetary sovereignty by putting you back in control of your money.

Since there’s much written about today’s “celebration”, I won’t go into the particulars. You can read more about #ProofofKeys here:

What hasn’t been discussed as much is the user experience of controlling your own keys.

A big benefit of using a centralized exchange or custodial service is that you are provided with all of the wonderful features that you’d come to expect with financial products…

Know what happened, when it’s happening

To: Cryptocurrency users who do not know what’s going on

If you’ve ever interacted with the blockchain to send or receive cryptocurrency, or “tokens”, you’ll know that the experience is relatively technical and lacks the seemingly simple luxuries that we take for granted in the financial products that we use today.

One of those luxuries are the notifications you receive in your email inbox or push notifications on your mobile device when you send or receive money.

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Payment to Chuck Norris for Nunchuck lessons and a get out of jail free card

Until now, the only way you’ll know when a transaction occurs is by sitting in front of your screen and incessantly mashing the refresh button on your wallet or Etherscan page every 5 minutes. …



Ethereum Transaction Notifications https://blockbutler.io

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