Cryptocurrency Bear Market, Blockchain 3.0 platforms, ICOs delivering in near future and the impact of these developments on society.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this report is an investment advice. You should always do your own research too. This report is just based on our own opinion and experience and we have been wrong many times in the past. You should only invest the money which you can afford to lose. This market is extremely volatile and risky.

Let us start:

Now let us have a look at our own opinion about the current market situation and some key projects in the blockchain space.

Prolonged Bear Market:

The cryptocurrency market has been in a prolonged bear market. So far, we have not seen the bottom and the worse might be yet to come. As can been seen from the chart that we have drawn, we are making lower lows and lower highs till this date, starting off in Dec 2017 -January 2018. We waited for the ETF decision which was rejected, the Winklevoss ETF was rejected too and we seriously need a catalyst to break the resistances at 10K and 8.8 K.

Low Liquid and Full of Manipulation:

We are in a low liquid market and this makes BTC very volatile instruments and altcoins even more hyper-volatile. The trading bots with their moves “salary sticks” and the “bartsimpson head” head patterns are occurring quite frequently. Currently this market is a heaven for market makers who can get their job done with utmost ease due to lack of volume.

Finding the Absolute Bottom and Accumulation Phase:

As the bear market progresses, we are still trying to find the absolute bottom to complete the market cycle. The absolute bottom which will shake out the weak hands and we will start the new market cycle. After the end of the bear trend, we will most likely see a sideways price action which will be an ideal time to accumulation.

Projects Launching their products:

However, apart from very challenging times in the bear market, especially for those who entered the market around the all-time highs, on the contrary, we have seen several projects like Covesting, Debitum, Monetha and INS ecosystem etc., completing their platforms and ready for launch. Some have already launch preliminary versions of their platforms. Moreover, Blockchain 3.0 platforms like Lamden, Achain, ICON and Wanchain are gearing up for making an enormous impact in the world. The platform-based business ecosystems instantiated via the Dapps developed by utilizing these platforms will pave the way towards new multi-sided markets. These multi-sided markets will create enormous value for the participant actors’ due to disintermediation and lesser transaction costs. For example, Debitum will make it easy for the participants “borrowers”, investors and third-party service providers to co-create and co-produce value. All this is due to the lack of bureaucratic and inefficient processes of banks.

Blockchain 3.0 Platforms:

Likewise, the Blockchain 3.0 platforms mentioned above will enable the deployment of blockchain technology across various industrial segments and use-cases. Lamden, for example will make it easy for any firm to leverage on the block chain technology by making it very intuitive and hassle free to deploy one or more blockchains which are tailored for a specific use-case. These blockchains can interoperate by exchanging data and thus makes them even more Flexiable for use in complex use cases and automation of business processes across various industries. Likewise, Achain is another smart contract platform which has made big strides in China already and already has dApps. The project’s team and professionalism is admirable. They have already launched the blockchain and are now focusing on marketing in EU, KOREA and USA.

In our opinion “once again, this is not an investment advice”, the following projects can increase exponentially in value once the market recovers.

Platforms “please do your own research, we do not take any responsibility for your profits or losses”:

1. Achain

2. Lamden


4. Wanchain

5. Ontology

dApps/platforms for specific industry verticals “please do your own research, we do not take any responsibility for your profits or losses”:

1. Debitum

2. wePower

3. Monetha

4. Covesting

Best Regards,

London Blockchain Team