Starting next week in Sorare we are going to have Daily Power Hours, so, this has inspired me to trial a Personal Power Hour of sales from my own collection — tomorrow!

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Whilst I only have a modest Twitter following, I can sense there is some healthy interest from those I chat with about getting access to more fairly priced cards and my aim with this experiment is:

  1. To distribute fairly priced cards to new and upcoming Sorare managers
  2. Test a different method of sales (using Twitch)

I want to first make this clear that this is not a ‘charity’ event. I have personal motivations also behind trialling this and any deals that are done will only happen if I’m in agreement with prices. …



Blockchain Gamer into Sports #NFT #cryptocollectibles with #ChicagoBulls 🏀 #RedSox ⚾ & #LFC ⚽️ bias #YNWA🏌️‍♂️⛳️ 🇬🇧

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