EMBILY is an exclusive partner of the CSHP Business Club

CSHP Business Club is an international Russian-speaking community with a high reputation for effective business processes between participants. It is an infrastructure for developing ties in the field of digital technologies and investments.

The club was founded with the aim of promoting and studying the impact of new technologies on socio-economic processes in society.

Club members and partners:

  • Experts;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Investors.

Club directions:

  • Blockchain and financial technology;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network;
  • AR/VR;
  • Venture capital and alternative investments;
  • Media;
  • Experimental directions of modern art.

CSHP Business Club announced a strategic partnership with Embily, a global provider of technology solutions in the field of Bank transfers.

Our contacts:

B-I-G.PRO PTE. LTD. 100 Cecil Street #15–02The Globe, Singapore 069532

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