High-volume testdrive: 1 BTC top-up for Embily 2nd Generation card

We recently launched the second generation of Mastercard & UnionPay cards on our Embily Payment Platform. The last month we were testing and set up of all processes to make the cards work in real time.

The second generation of Embily Mastercard with PayPass

This time we decided to top up the card for a large amount, which is not available in other services. We sent 1 BTC to the account and checked it at the ATM.

Embily Payment Platform allows you to top up your balance with cryptocurrency and it is automatically converted into cash, which you can withdraw at any ATM or make a purchase through any POS terminal and even online.

Our contacts:

B-I-G.PRO PTE. LTD. 100 Cecil Street #15–02The Globe, Singapore 069532

Blockchain International Group (B-I-G)

Written by

Blockchain is a viable technology to provide a single source of truth for data. https://www.b-i-g.pro

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