QR code for top up the balance

We are pleased to announce our new partner TBCC (Token Business Coin Card).

TBCC (Token Business Coin Card)

Embily Payment Platform has added a very important feature to its ecosystem. They have expanded the ability to top up an account using convenient and phishing-protected QR code. Moreover, Embily’s team have created machines and software for online top up the balance by cash and make payments for our new partner TBCC.

QR codes (Quick Response Code) were developed in 1994 for the Japanese automobile industry, and with the development of digital technologies, they have found application in the field of finance.

QR codes can be used to store bank account information or credit card information, or they can be specifically designed to work with particular payment provider applications. There are several trial applications of QR code payments across the world. In developing countries like India and China QR code payment is a very popular and convenient method of making payments.[1]

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