Tone Vays got his Embily card

Tone Vays is a former Wall street trader and vice president of JP Morgan Chase, the American financial holding, and is currently an expert in economic trends, trading, risk analysis and cryptocurrency. Tone Vays’ Bitcoin involvement started in 2013 and, since then, he has become active in spreading information about the significance of the technology in achieving of economic freedom. For instance, Tone Vays is the creator of CryptoSCam, a podcast about the latest scams in the cryptocurrency market, and LibertyLifeTrail, his personal cryptocurrency-related website. Besides this, debates between Tone Vays and Roger Ver, another popular cryptocurrency expert and advocate, was a discussion that has gained a large amount of popularity on the web. [1]

At the Crypto Expo Asia 2019 which was held on October 26 in Singapore, where the CEO of the B-I-G.PRO Alexander Bychkov presented to the public our new Embily Payment Platform 2.0.
Tone Vays was among the speakers and he was interested in the Embily project. Alexander Bychkov proposed to issue a new personal Embily card for him to test.

Alexander Bychkov and Tone Vays at the Crypto Expo Asia 2019 on 26 October in Sigapore

At the BLOCKSHOW ASIA 2019 which took place on November 14–15 in Singapore Alexander Bychkov and Tone Vays met again.
Tone Vays received a card and said that he would go to Dubai and test it there as well.

Tone Vays got his personal Embily card

He was also interested in our new development — “Remote host authorisation”. We will write a post about it soon.

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