Of the four main groups that are discussed, survey data highlights two that are worth pursing from a brand and marketing perspective.

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While many stereotypes and cliches exist about who the cannabis consumer is, there is very little research that exists on who consumes cannabis, their consumption preference or what type of brands appeal to them.

As legal cannabis for adult use or medical purposes proliferates and as the stigma dissipates, an entirely new group of cannabis consumers is being created. Many entrepreneurs are focused on winning over traditional cannabis consumers from the black market, but the trend I see…

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Software has evolved from being applications that we install on our computers or smartphones. Every website and online service we use, from Amazon to Yahoo, to every digital device in our lives, run software that determines how it behaves. Software defines and operates everything in the digital world.

People talk a lot about the explosion of data in the digital world and in 2019, I wrote an article about how data . But data by itself is inert. It’s software that generates the data and processes it into something useful. The explosion of software…

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Thanks to Hollywood, when most people think of hacking they picture cybercriminals that break into computers causing digital mischief. However, there’s a much more positive meaning of the word. In software development, hacking is the art of invention, and Facebook would take hacking to a whole new level propelling it into a $200 billion company.

This article won’t discuss the against Facebook that could be considered a form of hacking. I’m talking about the good kind of hacking. Picture Mark Zuckerberg, up late at night cranking away in his dorm room building the first version of Facebook. …

Recently author David Paleschuck released “Branding Bud” as a guide for marketers and brand creators navigating through the emerging cannabis industry. Admittedly, I felt like this was too soon of a book as the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, but to my surprise, Paleschuck provided a great breakdown on how cannabis brands should prepare and or pivot as cannabis is on the brink of commercialization. Let’s dig in.

Over the last 6+ years being within the industry I’ve seen a shift from generic bulk flower and edibles in plastic bags to well-designed branding and packaging efforts in life…

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Without disclosing the name of the company for privacy reasons, this brand was starting from scratch for their CBD line. Although they have brand recognition through their recreational THC line, their CBD is only locally known.

The goal was to build brand awareness and earn sales. With a small team juggling so many different things at once, this was going to be a challenge…not to mention the mountain of issues that lie ahead in the world of social media advertising for a CBD. Let’s get started…

STOP: If you have “CBD” in your domain name change it NOW. Nothing below will apply to you because you absolutely cannot have a “CBD” reference in any way in your domain name.

First, I’d recommend you take the time to set up your page to make…

Why work doesn’t happen at work.

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Who’s “they”?

They are corporations, businesses, mainstream media, family, friends and maybe even you.

Remote work may not be suitable for every position in every industry, but nearly every industry utilizes remote work. Take your company for example. Do you have in-house lawyers? No. It’s likely outsourced to an outside lawyer or law firm. Let’s say you do, what about an Accounting department? Or Human Resources? Payroll, healthcare, and retirement is likely outsourced by outside firms. …

Ask yourself, when does a prospect find out how good your product/service is? The answer is, when they buy. If they don’t buy, they’ll never know how good your product/service is.

Backstory: This article was inspired by a recent encounter I had at my local coffee shop. I work for a well known cannabis company in the state of Washington and the barista was blown away that we needed marketing to survive…. so here’s my explanation of why the biggest leverage point of any business is marketing.

Okay, so why is marketing so important? Simple: it’s the fastest path to…

Blockchain + Big Data: A new level of analytics

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Around a decade ago, we first heard the expression ‘Data is the new oil’. It was coined by Clive Humby, the man that built Clubcard, the world’s first supermarket loyalty scheme. He was using the metaphor to explain how data is a resource that is useless if left ‘unrefined’: only once it’s mined and analysed, does it create (potentially extraordinary) value. —

In a digital economy, data is more valuable than ever. What you can extract from data is similar to oil extraction a century ago. A massive asset that—depending on how you extract and use it you…

Utility Tokens vs Security Tokens

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Lately, I noticed that the role of utility tokens and security tokens are often conflated and more often than not people simply don’t know what they mean.

What is a token?

The most common use for a token is as digital private currency. Like, bitcoin for instance. However, this is only one possible use. Tokens can be programmed to serve multiple functions. It can represent extrinsic things such as real estate, gold, value, stake, a right to vote, or anything. In a very broad sense, a token is a representation of something in its particular ecosystem. …

A new digital economy has begun.

Prolific is an adjective that many have used to describe Vitalik Buterin, Russian-born Canadian founder of Ethereum. Buterin is a Bitcoin enthusiast but started thinking of ways he could extend the functionality of Bitcoin by offering flexibility through the use of . From a computer science perspective, Ethereum is often described as “the world computer” consisting of a globally accessible singleton state and a virtual machine that applies changes to that state. In layman’s terms, Ethereum is a general-purpose blockchain. Buterin created Ethereum as an open-source project which he realized that blockchain use could go far beyond currency.

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