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Back in 2008, Blockchain was developed by an anonymous group of individuals for the purpose of making available public ledgers for maintaining digital transactions. Amongst the very first, Bitcoin blockchain was launched for facilitating the exchange of Bitcoin cryptocurrency on a public network. Blockchain was thus invented with the motto of implementing decentralization & transparency in the way transactions were stored & consumed.

While Bitcoin only served the purpose of cryptocurrency trading, another popular Blockchain called Ethereum came into existence a couple of years later, which not only supported crypto exchange, but also enabled building decentralized applications, called the dApps, on its platform,to cater to different functionalities.

The Ethereum dApp development feature, since its inception, has piqued increased interest amongst conventional developers to upgrade to Ethereum dApps developer, due to its non-dependency on centralized services to store and manage the code coupled with the decentralized & immutable aspect of Ethereum Blockchain. The most important aspect of the Ethereum dApp development is the functionality provided by the Ethereum platform to manage money or carry out other computations & logic.

Glance through the thousands of Ethereum dApps developed as of today.

Traditional app development vs Ethereum dApp development

Conventional mobile app development or web app development involves creating, storing & deploying application data on cloud servers like AWS or Azure etc. Not wishing to associate themselves with the cost & efforts required to install & maintain data servers, companies store all the data on the application on centralized servers. Needless to mention, data stored on such servers are vulnerable to cyber attacks & malicious hacking. Therefore, confidential and sensitive user data is compromised and is misused by cyber criminals.

An Ethereum dApp development, on the other hand, involves direct interaction of the dApp with the decentralized Ethereum Blockchain consisting of peer-to-peer nodes, all working together to reach a consensus required to confirm transactions, unlike the centralized server where the service provider is the final controlling authority.

Another benefit of the Ethereum dApp development is that Ethereum is turing complete meaning the dApps can be developed using any programming language. A web app development done in HTML,CSS & JavaScript or a mobile app development done using React Native both can efficiently communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain via the Ethereum specific Web3 API of the JSON RPC.

To know more in detail, let us now walk through the steps required for Ethereum dApp development.

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Steps for Ethereum dApp development

Blockchain offers a plethora of opportunities for developing different kinds of applications across varied industries like Digital Objects, Video Streaming , Insurance, e-Commerce and many more. Ethereum dApp development can be a great solution to build applications related to the above sectors. There is a process that Ethereum dApp development goes through in order to build an efficient & sophisticated dApp for any functionality. Below are the steps that have to be followed for Ethereum dApp development.

-Build a dApp(front end) on Ethereum Blockchain for a web app development or mobile app development.

-The dApp will communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain (backend) via the API Web3.js

-Smart Contracts, the most vital part of the Ethereum dApp development, are coded for implementing business logic & functionality in the dApp. Solidity is the language used to write smart contracts on Ethereum. Smart contracts are coded in a way that they execute upon a certain pre-condition when triggered.

-Transactions are executed once all the nodes(miners) affirm and reach a consensus after computation. A combination of Gas & Ether, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, needs to be paid in order for the nodes to carry out the computation, according to the Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm.

-Once this Ethereum dApp development is completed, it is then hosted & deployed on the decentralized file sharing system, such as IPFS (Interplanetary file system).

Go through the various tools available used for writing smart contracts in Ethereum dApp development like Solidity, Truffle Framework, Metamask.

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Ethereum dApp development — Conclusion

Blockchain and most importantly Ethereum dApp development has conquered the minds of many for its easy to use and develop features. It is imperative that we harness the potential of the Ethereum dApp development platform for complex mobile app development and web app development.

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