Finite Fields

We begin by talking about what finite fields are. Which is part of the foundational Math that are a part of bitcoin and blockchain development.

Finite Fields are used with something called Elliptic Curves for the purpose of Cryptography (we shall cover Elliptic Curves too soon).

So, what exactly are finite fields.


Well, firstly, they are finite (yep)

They are a finite set of numbers.


If a Finite Field consists of 17 numbers, they are denoted by F17

Finite Field Consisting of 19 numbers, denoted by F19

Primes are Preferred

If a Finite Field consists of of a prime number of elements, it’s called a Prime Field

Prime Fields are Preferred since they allow for certain operations that are useful for the purposes of cryptography, that we will get into later.

Wait, what? Why are Prime Fields preferred again?

Ah, for that, we go to our next post

Special Thanks to Jimmy Song