Diversity is a Key Factor in Blockchain Sustainability

HO CHI MINH CITY — July 28, 2018. BlockchainAngels.network organized a flagship action “Exclusive Blockchain Seminar for Women” that aimed at empowering diversity and inclusion to the Blockchain space. The event attracted hundreds of women (and their boy friends!), a remarkable number on its own for the fact that tech events in Vietnam are often male-dominant.

Vy Hua, a co-founder of BlockchainAngels.network, encouraged attendees to participate in the conversation with appealing stories of the origin of cryptocurrency, and pivotal moments of the Blockchain industry. Without jargons and buzzwords, she told the audience:

“Decentralization is all about the power of making decisions. If you reflected enough on how money functioned, you would find out Satoshi Nakamato had built a mind-blowing technology.”

Then, Lynn Hoang, another co-founder of BlockchainAngels.network, took the stage with a series of research studies and figures that debunked various Blockchain myths. In light of recent frauds in Vietnam like iFan or Pincoin, it is crucial to push educational efforts that help community cut through the hype. Further, Lynn suggested:

“This market is really immature. By understanding who are Blockchain stakeholders, we can gradually pave a way for its mass adoption.”

The event is finally wrapped up with a compelling panel discussion on women in technology. The panel included domain experts from many backgrounds, such as CTO, HR Manager, Business Development, who altogether emphasized why women should be able to access emerging technologies and take more active roles in shaping direction of the coming movements. They concluded:

“Women will be the most disruptive economic force of high-tech fields when they are given opportunities and more engagement with the fields.”

Company throughout the seminar was the participation of a strategic sponsor — Remitano, one of the most established and popular cryptocurrency exchange platform in Vietnam and worldwide. Despite recent achievements, Remitano resists complacency. They are aiming to enhance the role of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors by supporting the CSR activities.