Blockchain at UCSB Winter Quarter Wrap-up

Ruben Dermoyan
Mar 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Blockchain at UCSB Winter Quarter Wrap-up

On January 22nd Blockchain at UCSB celebrated its 1 year anniversary. Every startup has its ups and downs, and starting a new student organization is no exception. Nevertheless we made it this far due to a dedication to our core values, mission and vision.

Going into Winter Quarter (UCSB is on the quarterly system) we had three goals in mind: to organize engaging speaker events, to grow our team and to deepen collaboration with other UCSB student organizations.

SB Hacks is learning Blockchain

SB Hacks is a non profit student — run group that organizes an annual 500 person hackathon at UCSB. Students from all over California attend this weekend long event. This year Blockchain at UCSB partnered with SB Hacks to organize a Solidity workshop for hackathon attendees.

Kevin Baragona, founder of DeepAI and blockchain enthusiast, hosted an exciting workshop, where students learned the basics of developing smart contracts.

We discussed blockchain, learned to code and made new friends.

Startup Weekend’s Back in Town

There is a thriving startup scene at UCSB, in no small part thanks to the organizers of UCSB Startup Weekend. In just 54 hours students get together, pitch new ideas and learn to create a startup. This year Blockchain at UCSB and Mousebelt University co-sponsored the event to foster closer collaboration between student organizations, and to raise awareness of Blockchain technology among entrepreneurial circles. We hope to continue to collaborate with Startup Weekend in the years ahead, and we hope to see successful blockchain startups come out of the 3 day competition.

Big thanks to Sigma Eta Pi, Isabelle Sato and Navjot Brar for organizing this exciting event.

Four Speaker Events with Amazing Speakers

A student organization is measured by the quality of the speaker events it hosts. Luckily this quarter we didn’t do too bad thanks to our hard working officers, Our amazing speakers, and of course the free pizza!!

We kicked off the quarter with an introductory talk about bitcoin and blockchain technology, presented by our own Cameron Dennis!

Our next speaker was Victor Zakhary (Computer Science PHD at UCSB). Victor, an experienced presenter, made us all feel a little smarter, by giving us a simple explanation of the complicated game theory and cryptography underlying blockchain technology.

The following week Katerina Stroponiati, from Monday Capital, came to town to entertain us with her insights about innovation, blockchain technology and its applications. Her explanation of the cyclical nature of technological revolutions shed light on where we are all heading in terms of a more decentralized future.

Our last speakers were the CyberCode twins. The two fun loving sisters, who are winners of multiple awards and hackathons, entertained the crowd with their background story, how they got into crypto and topped it all off with a demonstration on how to get started developing on EOS blockchain.

We had an exciting quarter, full of challenges but also full of friendships and lots of fun!

If you want to learn more about us and our journey follow us here.

We want to give special thanks to Mousebelt University for having our back and showing us guidance, and our team of officers for all their hard work.

Special thanks to Cameron Dennis as well (President of BAF), for always being there for us, and for connecting us with speakers.

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