Blockchain Cuties — 1.05 patch notes

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Hello fellow Cutieners! It has been a long week and we are here with another update to the game. We are very thankful for the support and feedback we receive from our players! This week is going to be a busy one as theres several updates planned in a row.

Update 1.05 is here and it brings few changes to the overall UI! Here are the patch notes.

Server Side

Item locking is improved
Improved the locking of “items” when they are used. There was a nasty bug when you used an item and an error occurred. The server locked the item as used and player wasn’t able to use it for some period of time. Now there’s a safe fail implemented that will refresh the lock after 12h if an error occurs (very unlikely).

UI Improvements

Blockchain Cuties mobile version improvements
We are continuing our work on making the game more mobile friendly — so you could play it anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or any other smart device.

Adventure statistics added to the pet profile page
Some of our players were requesting this feature, — that every cuties adventure statistics could be viewed in their profile page and it’s here! Now your cuties heroism and bravery is seen by everyone. Have a pet who has more then 80% of win rate? Share it!

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Adventure statistics shown in cuties profile page

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with item filter visual bug, when applied filters did not show up in the selection window;

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