Breeding The Saddest Bear Ever

Not to be the bearer of bad news, …

but you have to know about the new pursuits of the Polar Bear Society. The Illuminati of the Blockchain Cuties community are not playing games this time.

Remember, those people are not the friendly Lizard Fellowship and not the formidable Tribute Cloners. They are the elaborate schemers of the cutieverse. So we keep a close eye on their actions.

Last week in our Telegram group, fellow cutieneer Alex invited others to help him discover a tribute polar bear cutie.

The objective is to breed Umka the polar bear. Umka was a product of Soviet imagination created in the times of the cold war. And he has an unbearably sad story.

In the old soviet cartoon, Umka is lost in the snow desert. On his journey, he sings a heart-wrenching song, where he cries out to his mother to find him. Disney would not approve this song. It is hardcore.

It is so sad that it would make a dead dragon cry.

And it is apparently what Polar Bear Society wants. To finally claim a victory over a raid boss. It is especially important for the phase II of the Halloween event. Since so much awesome gear is at stake.

So they started experimenting. Trying to get Umka to join their ranks.

And how close can you get before something happens? This close:

Just a couple of blue eyes to go!

The bears are super upset, but somehow one of them turned out weirdly green.

Our prediction?

Alex will either get himself an Umka or will breed long enough to get to something like this:

Yes! We have a surprise for the breeders who go too far with their experiments.

Cutieneers, do you think Umka is near? Or will we see a mutant?

Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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