Can Christmas Come Earlier, Please? We Prepared Gifts

Cutieneers, we love to celebrate our partners. And we try to do it in the cutest way possible. By that, we mean creating something new for you to play with.

Do you remember or partnership with trust wallet? We created one of the most adorable sets in the game. The Trust Wallet set.

Making your cutie instantly classy

And the Lumi airdrop? That was amazing!

We gave away several of our very special cuties.

Already in the game

And they probably have now joined the notorious Manni army.

Yes! Even dogs conspire in this game

Since we’re talking about Lumi. There is great news from them!

Now Android fans can get their hands on Lumi’s collectible wallet.

Okay. Enough of history. What about our recent cooperations? Are we too cool now to celebrate?


We just wanted to prepare something super epic.

We will be honoring our cooperation with Enjin wallet with a very special cutie.

It is going to be a warrior that can HODL against an entire army of (okay, maybe ten) Persian cats.

Sorry, @CryptoKitties

We will be deploying a small army of those epic fighters.

But how will it look? What are the attributes?

Is it the one we previewed on Instagram earlier?

Not really. It was never shown before. And the grand reveal is still ahead.

Now we can only give you a cutie-sized hint.


Get ready, cutieneers!

And stay tuned to find out all the details on who it is and how you can get one!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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