The Secret Is Revealed

Cutieneers, you know that we have a ton of conspiracies in Blockchain Cuties. And sometimes our team accidentally does things to fuel that fire.

For example, the other week, a mysterious new attribute was found by the players:

+4 agaist raid bosses? That’s great!

Quite a good attribute to have. But no one knew what it was for. And there were no cuties that had it.

:D didn’t mean to snoop, it’s just before releasing new version of the DCM addon, I click around to check if anything’s broken :D — VeRychard, community’s modder and an epic legendary cutieneer, sees right through us

People started talking. Speculating.

Soon everyone knew!

And we decided to come clean.

So what does JapaneseHeroes attribute actually means?

To tell the truth, we are planning a move on the Japanese market. And we will be doing this in Blockchain Cuties style, of course.

Meaning, that we will be preparing more content for everyone to enjoy.

We already have a series of super cuties — the Hero Squad. People love these cuties, so we decided to expand on the idea.

Bitcoin-man and Ethor

For this project, we planned to balance our Hero Squad with other powerful characters. And came up with Japanese Heroes!

We already revealed one of them on Instagram earlier this week.

This cutie is inspired by Sakamoto Ryōma who is one of Japan’s favorite historical figures and was a central mover in efforts to overthrow the shogunate.

Sakamoto Ryōma got his custom cutie

Today we are revealing another one! This hero is inspired by Momotarō aka Peach Boy — a popular hero of Japanese folklore.

We made him into a super adorable cat!

So cute!

Both of those cuties and more heroes are coming soon!

Cutieneers, how do you feel about the new heroes? Do you have anyone in your folklore, that you want to see as a cutie?

Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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